鐵怒沿線》系列於日本東京放映 Raging Land Series In Japan



“Raging Land 3: Three Valleys" will be shown in “Documentary Dream Show – Yamagata in Tokyo 2014″

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昨年のヤマガタでアジア千波万波 奨励賞を受賞した、上映時間5時間を超える話題作『怒れる沿線:三谷(さんや)』。

Raging Land 3: Three Valleys


★YIDFF2013 アジア千波万波 奨励賞

with English subtitles


Date and Time:
2014/11/19 11:00
2014/11/29 12:30

k’s cinema
〒160-0022 東京都新宿区新宿3丁目35-13 3F


2.  《鐵怒沿線-菜園紀事》及《鐵怒沿線—蓽路藍縷》放映
Screening of “Raging Land 1 : A Record of Choi Yuen Village" and
Raging Land 2 : Breaking new ground through Thorns and Thistles

Date and Time:
2014/11/21 17:00

Irregular Rhythm Asylum
160-0022 東京都新宿区新宿1-30-12-302
1-30-12-302 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo, 160-0022 Japan

Raging Land : A Record of Choi Yuen Village


2009 / 香港 / DVD / 80分鐘 / 彩色

Produced By : v-artivist, Supporting Group of Choi Yuen Village
In Cantonese with Chinese and English Subtitles
2009 / Hong Kong / DVD / 80min / Colour
Summer, 2010

這是一條關於菜園村的片子,紀錄了O九年夏秋之間村民的生活。生活,眨時加進了每星期的村民大會及導賞團,大大小小的請願遊行,還有疑幻似真的政府 諮詢 會。眨時,要將自己前半生的歷史,甚至生活的意義展現出來。眨時,大眾市民認為反拆遷抗爭只是為錢的死結被少少鬆開。眨時,「農業」這兩個字少少出現在香 港人的眼前。(之後反高鐵抗爭、包圍立法會...)



This is a film about Choi Yuen Village which recorded villagers’ life between summer and autumn in 2009. New elements are slipping into their lives: meetings every week, guided tours with many visitors pouring into the village, petitions, demonstrations and government consultations which genuineness is in doubt. All of a sudden they need to tell “stories” of their life in the village of the past fifty years, and also the meaning of their life. The ever fixed conception of fiercer demonstration equals to wanting more money seems shakened. The long lost phrase “agriculture” also reappeared in the eyes of Hong Kong people. (After the end of the timeline shown in this film follows the climax of the anti-expressrail movement around the Legislative Council)

Sadder still, the building of the expressrail is on the move. Between spring and summer in 2010, villagers move towards rebuilding the village with great difficulty. They face soaring land prices finding a new place for the village, they need to negotiate with the government everyday to try to get the license of rebuilding their home. Buying land, planning, building of infrastructure, processing of farm product are all problems villagers need to solve on their own. Public now have a false perception that the government has given them a huge sum of compensation and has planned everything for them. All their efforts from insisting on not leaving to rebuilding their homes are to live the way they want and protect their living standard. They want to live and farm in the same place, they want to live with their extended family, they want to live with their pets, they want their elderly to have a better live.

What is going to bear the weight of this passion to life and to the land?


Raging Land: Breaking new ground through Thorns and Thistles


製作: 影行者、菜園村支援組

Produced By: v-artivist, Supporting Group of Choi Yuen Village
In Cantonese and English subtitles
2010/Hong Kong/DVD/120min/Colour

建高鐵,拆菜園,O九年村民經過經歷大大小小的請願遊行、引發反高鐵抗爭、包圍立法會,滿懷希望「不遷不拆」。一O年初春,高鐵撥款還是通過了。農 曆新年,村民都在大小會議中一起渡過,問題來了:是繼續堅持不遷不拆?或轉向其他選擇?輾轉反側,瞻前顧後,最後痛下決定:規劃新村,農業復耕!

三月,菜園村生態社區營造工作室開始運作,村民和支援者四處尋覓適合建村的土地。期間,抗爭仍沒完沒了--耕了大半生的田,政府卻要你人證明自己是 個農夫才發復耕牌,不發復耕牌,又不可以建屋……外面的人還以為大家賺了大錢,甚至還以為政府已一手包辦買地起屋!?村民有苦自己知,甜酸苦辣、進退維 谷、忑忑忐忐,為的是保持原有耕住合一、大家庭社區、老有所養、動植物共存的生活模式 。


Choi Yuen Village, a village threatened by the Expressrail. In 2009 villagers went through countless demonstrations and petitions, which triggered the Anti-expressrail movement at the end of 2009. Thousands of citizens surrounded the Legco to stop the budget from passing; all villagers only wanted their village to survive. In early spring 2010, the budget finally passed. The following Chinese New Year was not easy for the villagers, they had to decide whether they want to abandon the old village or not. At last, they come to the conclusion to accept the offer of land rehabilitation scheme and rebuild a new village together.

In March, Choi Yuen Eco-community Building Studio was founded in assistance of building of the new village. Villagers and volunteers went on searching for land in Pat Heung together. For the time being, the struggle was not over, villagers still need to fight for the qualification of the rehabilitation scheme, which meant they needed to prove they are farmers. Finding of new land, planning the future new village together, all needed the hard work of the villagers. People in the general public still misunderstood the situation of the villagers, always thought they got a lot of compensation, the government would
buy the land and build the new village for them, etc. All these bitter-sweet moments, all the hardship and quarrels and all the
emotions of the villagers, they were all in for continuing their original life style.

The Longan Trees that didn’t bear any fruits in 2009 blossomed and fruited lavishly in 2010. In this difficult time, what can keep villagers go together all the way long?