《鐵怒沿線-菜園紀事》及《鐵怒沿線-三谷》將於《原地.踏步 新界東北藝術展》放映:

“Raging Land 1:A Record of Choi Yuen Village and “Raging Land 3:Three Valleys” will be screened in the “Dances with the green"(An Exhibition on the northeastern New Territories by 新界東北 style X emptyscape X villagers and friends):


《鐵怒沿線-菜園紀事》“Raging Land 1:A Record of Choi Yuen Village”

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地點/Venue:香港城市大學 邵逸夫創意媒體中心
Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, City University of Hong Kong
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《鐵怒沿線-三谷》“Raging Land 3:Three Valleys”

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地點/Venue:香港城市大學 邵逸夫創意媒體中心
Run Run Shaw Creative Media Centre, City University of Hong Kong
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《原地.踏步 新界東北藝術展》其他活動:
“Dances with the green" details:






東北藝術展開幕禮將於一月十八日傍晚舉行, 開幕禮詳細節目容後公佈.


Ripples spread across the pond in a spring breeze, and the fish are blissfully unaware. In the setting sun that colours the flowers red, one treads down a winding path, past verdant fields and ponds, and sees smoke rising from homes preparing dinner. In the the peach blossom land of the northeast, students pick up farming and villagers enjoy barbecue; in the fruit garden and timber factory, art keeps the old days alive.

After the handover, as the iron tower looms, the pigeons fled, the streams dried up, and development reverted to slavery. Value-adding becomes an endless pursuit. Entire lives are exhausted in a cubicle room where every meal is seasoned by dust. Passage into and out of one’s home are invariably tunnels and railways, overpasses and shopping malls. Our children are trained in six tongues and six arts, yet know not rain falls in summer or that the sky is blue. Have we not paid enough for development?

Driven blindly by limited land and a booming populace, where land is bulldozers follow. Redevelopment of old districts puts a price on plot ratio, and dismal cries from innocents are heard everywhere. In the old days, being inaccessible the countryside was spared some breathing room; unspoiled locations could still be found. Alas! Among the eight scenic sights of Hong Kong the Bowrington Canal was filled in ages past; the two flyovers on Lugard Road afford a visit to the clouds or a panoramic view of the Victoria Harbour. Along the winding path mansions and their surrounding greenery are turned into hotels; footpaths were replaced by driveways.

Bulldozers run amok, disrupting rustic peace. The ground shook in Ngau Tam Mei, where wells dried and the fish died. A man-made beach planned for Lung Mei is bound to devastate the marine ecology there. The country park is ceded to residential purposes. The northeast of Hong Kong, though remote, is where generations of locals thrived; its closeness to the mainland has nevertheless made it a victim of development plans.

Life of today is treasured for choices allowed. Farmers may choose to farm, fisher folk to fish, indigenous residents to stay in their ancestral homes, and the elderly to pick a final resting place. The villagers of the northeast choose to stay and live a life on what nature provides. Why destroy homes, demolish farms, devastate the ecology? Let things stay how they were, the way of the nature, and take pleasure in organic vegetables.

We are a group of artists who have various backgrounds. But all of us are Hong Kongers who cherish the city we are living in and We decided to stand out and voice for the voiceless. We are not armed with weapons; we just want to preserve the last green fields in Hong Kong by art. We believe that art cannot stop bulldozers from destroying the land, but it can awaken our hearts, open our eyes, giving us a chance to reflect on the mode of development in the northeastern New Territories.

• John Choy 蔡旭威
• Ho Ka Ho 何家豪
• Alfred Ko Chi Keung 高志強
• Stella So 蘇敏怡
• Leon Suen Shu Kwan 孫樹坤
• Tai Ngai Lung 戴毅龍
• Ducky Tse 謝至德
• Tse Pak Chai 謝柏齊
• Manson Wong 黃凱晉
• Yeung Hung 楊虹
• Kenny Yung 容學勤

• Cheung Kwai Choi 張貴財
• Jason Lam Chi Fai 林志輝
• Siu Pang 小朋
• Rosabella Tai Sau Wai 戴秀慧
• Tsang Fan Hong 曾繁康
• Sampson Wong Yu Hin 黃宇軒
• Chi Kee Timber Yard 志記鎅木廠
• Hong Kong Urban Laboratory 香港城市研究室

Film Screening
• Fredie Chan 陳浩倫
• Today Video production 土地影像製作
• v-artivist 影行者